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Why spend too much just for buying a new pair of t-shirt, while you still can have your favourite T-shirt bring back from the dead?

The question crosses as— How?

Well, let’s say we’ve prepared you some proven & battle-tested tips to make your t-shirt look as a spic-span novelty.

So, without any further ado let’s peek on these pointers-


1. Wardrobe Building


At first, Build your wardrobe with non-dry-cleaning friendly tee-shirts. The first holy grail to make the t-shirts’ life prolong is to be aware of your clothing limits. There’s that particular grey area where anyone’s clothing style revolves around.

Know Your Wardrobe!

Don’t collect the piles of clothing that are made from silk, cotton voile or muslin, suede & soft leathers or cashmere. The moment you have them you’ll regret the second after because you know you can’t go for dry-cleaning for every separate one of them.

 As you know dry cleaning takes time from   Stain removal and pre-treatment  to   Dry cleaning  to   Post-spotting & Finishing  to completely regain the possession of your wrinkled clothing .  And you don’t have enough time to wait for.

 So, we advise you to Choose wisely!


2. Fold or Hang?

Yeah, this looks like a tiny point of concern but this makes your whole t-shirt body comes out great from the wardrobe if you would’ve chosen wisely at the time of putting it inside the wardrobe.

So, Fold or Hang?

Make sure that you don't fold the ones that need to be hung and don't hang the ones that need to be folded. Some t-shirts fabric stretches on the hanger while others don't do well folded unless you are an expertly masterful folder of some kind.


3. Iron it carefully

There are certain ways from which a t-shirt can be wrecked. One of them is the Ironing. For example— Ironing a printed graphic tee from the inside out saves the printed design to not to stick to the iron.

While there is actually no need to iron a printed graphic tee (provided that the material of the shirt is good), you might have to iron it & other cotton ones every once-in-a-while especially if you want to make an impression with the company you are currently hanging out with.


4. Lesser the Laundry Greater the life of your Tee-shirt

Of course, as we know washing lead to the breaking & loosing of the fibres in an apparel. The process of washing is as easy as it easily wrecks your clothing.

You might be thinking then, what if it’s dirty already?

 Then the simplest answer would be to save it as much as possible from falling on the floor, keep it hanging once you take it out or put it mantled on chair or table. It’s the option that will save you another day & for your t-shirt to GO ON! one more time.

#Extra Tip:

Deodorants & Lint Rollers are the ones that can increase the life of the t-shirts a little longer. 


5. Try to Maintain the Colour Vibrancy

The colours are the USP of any tee-shirt or clothing. So, it’s better an important aspect to save before it fades away. After a long day, if you’ve to buckle up yourself for the laundry of the tee-shirts and other clothing.

All you do is just throw the blues & blacks into reds and whites. The highly dominating colours fade easily & will make your blazing White T-shirts into some rose or into sky blue colour garment.

7. Washing Idea

Don't let it sit in a puddle of water or other harsh bleach chemicals. Remember it's the imprint that is the USP of your t-shirt not like other tees where you've to look out only for garment's fabric.

So, the best way to wash printed t-shirts is by turning the garment inside out. By turning it inside out it allows t-shirt to be protected from rubbing and friction that may be caused by the washer or dryer.

Another very important factor that has to be noted here is the type of laundry detergent and other cleaning products used while washing.

6. Dry out a washed one

There is this danger of shrinking, crumbling & wrinkling on the t-shirt if you don’t dry out a washed one at the optimum level. You can first dry it out in the Washing Machine first then put under the sun for the better life of the t-shirt.

There are washing machines that have built-in dryers and that is good in removing excess water from the shirt before leaving it to dry under the sun. Just remember to put the dried graphic tee to a shaded area if it is already dried.



To end with a Note:

The clothing fabric differs from one tee to other. So, you better need to care for each of them separately unless you have the majority of the same genre.

Like, the washing with an improper amount of detergent in cold water makes the printed or dark coloured t-shirt gets wrecked easily as one loses its colour while the other gets crumple. Or the stretching of Printed Tee totally collapses the artwork.

All, we want you to do is to;


And think, before you make up your mind on throwing your old favourite t-shirts while you can easily make them new as you’ve recently bought it from the store!

So, it’s better to take care of your selected lot in a peculiar way for their long life.

And Now, you have those pointers we discussed to apply in your daily routine as well that’ll surely help for the betterment of your Tee-shirts.

Let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments section and if there's anything you would like for us to add in the post, don't hesitate. :-)


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Gene Blair
Gene Blair

October 25, 2017

Wow, ringing in with all these ladies…Well, here goes. Of all the internet companies that I deal with, I find MonkCentral to be one of the most reliable. I have nothing but positives to offer regarding quality, customer service, and order expedition. Recently I ordered a clever shirt (I Never Finish Anythi). When the shirt did not arrive in the normal delivery cycle I have become accustomed to, I tracked the order using the tracking tool provided by MC. The report claimed that the shirt had been sent back because it was not deliverable by the USPS. This puzzled me because I had received several shirts prior to this order with no problems at all. I sent an e-mail to Jenny and within a week I was wearing my shirt. Other things I have ordered on-line have not so favorable. My overall grade for MonkCentral is A+. To Jacqueline Battle, try lowering the temperature of your wash water. I wear a 4X and have washed mine numerous times without any shrinkage. Thank you Jenny and the gang. You are my go to shop for clever tees.

Jacqueline Battle
Jacqueline Battle

October 24, 2017

The material is so cheap its hard to take of the size 4x fits like a 2x use more material. Americans are larger people. Like the wording of the shirts

Lois Mazzone
Lois Mazzone

October 24, 2017

Are these comments translated from a language other than English? They are, indeed, peculiar.


October 24, 2017

Thanks for the good advice.

Lauren Danielson
Lauren Danielson

October 24, 2017

Always, always, always wash T-shirts inside out. That way the imprint will not be rubbed against other laundry in the wash.Also don’t over dry. I take out y shirts and hang right away. They finish air drying and no wrinkles!

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