October 23, 2017

The folding of the T-shirts has been itchy to the majority of the people. If you don’t fold them wisely then you’ll get the creases of the shirt misplaced. And that’ll certainly take you like an hour to bring back the shape of it while ironing.

In this fast-moving life, nobody has time to sit on the bed for an hour with the heap of t-shirts to get them fold. And it just gets more annoying when you need to pack your things in a bag for the next flight to catch on.

All you need is some perfectly working tips & tricks to save you some space for your drawer.

What else do you need?

The time saviour idea to pack your clothing easily before your flight takes off!

Let’s first see how to fold the t-shirts for flight packing then, later on, we’ll see for drawer spacing.

Here are some steps to focus on, while folding the T-shirts—


Take this following T-shirt as a base to start with




“Fold the bottom of the t-shirt inside out about 2.5-3 inches up like shown in the following figure”-



“Next step is to smooth out the wrinkles and fold the sleeves in.”


Till now we’ve done folding from the bottom along with smoothing out the wrinkles while folding the sleeves. This isn’t heck of a toughie Right!




“Fold it a little over halfway, then fold the other side over so that it folds evenly into thirds.”


Now, your t-shirt will be looking like this following one, folded from bottom, wrinkle-free and folded into thirds to form a single stripe of it—



It's the simplest one but has to be done with a care for finishing the process. 

 “Spin Around & Roll up Tightly”


This will give you something like this-




Now the trickier part of the whole process to end it up finally.

“Pull over the part that was folded in the first step, so the shirt will not unravel.”


At last use any elastic around the clothing so that it didn’t get by any means fall open.


Hope you’ve gotten a bit idea about folding of the T-shirt when you get ready for packing up for a long or short holiday.

This is how your final baggage will look like if you follow those above steps.



On how to save some drawer space. See, we haven’t forgotten that to discuss. It’s this tiny issue that has gotten many of the home-makers or independent ones to trouble on saving the space in the drawer.

Most of the times the closet or drawer you start with arranging up the clothing in a queue but end up with a messy looking drawer from where sleeves of the shirts play peek-a-boo.

For this Drawer’s thing. We definitely want you all to follow the same steps as we did above for the bag packing.

But, wait.

Is there anything else we can do besides that already discussed 1 min long process?

If Folding of clothes is really not your thing. And you need easier idea or tool for it. Then, we would like to recommend to use a ‘Folder’.

Yes, the folder saves time more effectively and it's efficient. It takes 30 secs lesser from your hand folding.

You know what, let’s just dive in & see how it’s done in a right manner to save your precious time & maximize the drawer space like the following.



Get a Clothing Folder Now!

Without a second thought just click on the following links—

The above ones are great to have as a clothing folder.

Now, follow these simple steps to get your folding done easily in less than a minute.



Back of T-shirt Facing up & top of the t-shirt facing down on the folder.



Fold the left side and right side likewise.

     1.Left side



      2. Right Side

After the two folding it’ll look like as—



Now, for the


Follow the same step to do folding from the bottom side



This will bring you to this following shape of the t-shirt



For step-4

Just perform the finishing as the following and arrange it in a queue in the drawer.



To end with…

So, those were the two most quicker & effective ways to make your folding easier & time saviour. Once you get used to these particular tips your problem with folding won’t gonna be existing more longer.

The following Examples which we been through you can have the links of the video illustration of them too. Just go through these following links if you want to understand the folding craft better—


Here are some quick tips for travelling packing— Don’t bring too bulky jackets in the bag unless it’s very necessary. Avoid folding T-shirts in two halves, just make ‘em rolled folded. In this way, you can save enough space for more number clothing.

Always prefer T-shirts over others while travelling unless it winters or in winters you can prefer them with light jackets too.

T-shirts are the best comfy. It carries vogue along with the cosiness for the body. So, why mooch here and there online to get the authentic T-shirts while you can have the largest collection of assorted & perfect quality T-shirts from us.

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