September 25, 2017

Yes, the picture says it all.

The cheering, endearing & gratifying smiles have proven the mettle of Monk Central among the several running Stores at the present time.

Whether from youngsters to adult or from your delicate children to your lovable grandma. The Monk Central have T-shirts have the assorted collection of T-shirts every possible age.

It’s the long-lasting experience that our happy customers knock Monk Central’s door every time they crave for T-shirts. The sold T-shirts aren’t just behaving as an apparel for them but as happy memories while they put it on.

It’s the quality & the credible services of Monk Central that has made the number of customers kept on increasing day-by-day.

We know what you love!

‘Long story short’- no more of 2k,3k words article for explaining what services, design making customers for coming back to have more from us.

You know,

According to a research—

55% of the visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds to decide whether they’re gonna read the article or just smack the cross button.

And Thank-you! if you’re reading it yet.

There are so many but,

we’ll be quick too to summarize you with our 5 Reasons that made to drive our customers, craving to get the t-shirts from every possible genre.



1. Quality Tees—

According to an English Art Critic ‘ John Ruskin’—

“Quality is never an accident; it’s always the result of intelligent effort”.

And that’s what Monk Central is all about. The Transparency about the quality of its T-shirts.

Whether its hoodie, women Tee or men ones the fabric is sleek. It’s an epitome of wonderful effect of putting every design with a certain perfection. So that, our customers never complaints but love it.

It’s the brand which speaks to the customers by fulfilling their designed T-shirt aspires.



We want our customers to have what they see in our qualitied product image. It's none of- the ‘Wolf under the Sheep’s skin’ thing.

The mouse-hover effect (when you put your mouse close to our product image) will give you the same feeling about the product when you have it.


2. Excellent Customer Service—

What a store wants?

Higher Economy?


Well, we don’t know about others. But Monk Central wants—

“Happy Customers!”

And that’s why we’ve included three sections separately on our website for your ease. Yes, it’s the 'FAQ, REFUND POLICY & CONTACT US' page for you to directly email us.


Here you’ll get answers to queries like

Will you have more designs, styles, and products often?

Do you ship worldwide?

How long will it take to receive my order?

How can I pay?

Taxes & Duties: 

These & many other that’ll definitely clear your all worries regarding payment, shipment etc.


Questions like- Faulty Item Received, Wrong size received, I ordered by mistake/I'm no longer interested usually comes as in our way as customers.

If the faulty item received then what?

You keep it to yourself it’s none of our business now!

Noooo…. Not at all!

In fact – 

“If you receive a faulty item, just send us a picture of it to along with your order number. If the item delivered to you would be faulty or if withers off in the first wash, we'll send you a free reshipment. You don't have to send it back to us :) All we'd need would be a picture of the faulty item.” 


3. Unique & Cool Designs—

Hope you aren’t getting little bored because of reading about those policies and all FAQ things. And if you have then, just look at some of our coolest design from our epitomic T-shirts collection.



From 'Deadpool' to ‘I love guns’, if you’ve liked them. Then, you certainly are at the right place. You just need to go to our ‘ Cool-T-shirts’ section in ‘Categories’ drop-down menu, from where you can have any of your choices. There are loads more than just this single frame cut-out.

4.  Extremely affordable Prices—

If you’re thinking there may be hidden something behind that $9 USD.

Then, sorry to burst your bubble. We show what we give & take from our customers along with their happy faces & humongous support to add more cool designs of the t-shirt in the collection.  

The prices are extremely affordable & sensible. Once you get the product you’ll know if you don’t get the sense of our past successful deliveries. You have no need to hustle for any kind of shipment charge or any hidden membership charge as well.

5. Ecstatic Varieties

They say— ‘Variety is the spice of life.’ And it’s certainly true. Variety is the one thing that adds all flavour to any product.

And if we’re talking about this particular point then Monk Central is none to second. Its known for this. The Variety for the quality designed artwork on the t-shirts.

For a second have a peek at this picture—


And that’s not all. We render excellent varieties of T-shirts when any festival comes as well as on any special occasion.

Like now “Halloween is coming”.


Here’s the thought. Why don’t you grab some for Halloween too along with your chosen coolest t-shirt from our ecstatic collection?

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Sizing Chart
Women T-shirt Size
S 61 24.0 43 16.9
M 63 24.8 46 18.1
L 65 25.6 49 19.3
XL 67 26.4 52 20.5
2XL 69 27.2 55 21.7
3XL 71 28.0 58 22.8
4XL 73 28.7 61 24.0
5XL 75 29.5 64 25.2

Unisex T-shirt Size
S 70 27.6 50.0 19.7 48 18.9 45-55
M 72.0 28.3 54.0 21.3 50.0 19.7 60-65
L 74.0 29.1 58.0 22.8 52.0 20.5 65-75
XL 76.0 29.9 62.0 24.4 54.0 21.3 80-85
2XL 78.0 30.7 66.0 26.0 56.0 22.0 90-100
3XL 80.0 31.5 70.0 27.6 58.0 22.8 100-110
4XL 82.0 32.3 74.0 29.1 62.0 24.4 120-140
5XL 84.0 33.1 78.0 30.7 66.0 26.0 140-150

Women Tank Top Size
S 41 cm 62 cm 45 cm 32 cm
M 43 cm 63 cm 47 cm 33 cm
L 47 cm 64 cm 49 cm 34 cm
XL 50 cm 65 cm 51 cm 35 cm
2XL 53 cm 66 cm 53 cm 36 cm
3XL 56 cm 68 cm 55 cm 38 cm

Man Tank Top Size
S 41 cm 63 cm
M 42 cm 65 cm
L 43 cm 67 cm
XL 45 cm 68 cm
2XL 48 cm 70 cm
3XL 55 cm 74 cm
4XL 60 cm 76 cm
5XL 68 cm 80 cm

Hoodie (zipper & no zipper) US size
S 67 26.4 106 41.7 45 17.7 63 24.8
M 69 27.2 112 44.1 48 18.9 65 25.6
L 72 28.3 118 46.5 51 20.1 67 26.4
XL 74 29.1 124 48.8 54 21.3 70 27.6
2XL 76 29.9 130 51.2 57 22.4 72 28.3
3XL 78 30.7 137 53.9 60 23.6 74 29.1
4XL 80 31.5 148 58.3 63 24.8 76 29.9
5XL 82 32.3 157 61.8 66 26.0 78 30.7

Sweatshirt Size
Size BUST (cm) TOP LENGTH (cm) SLEEVE (cm)
S 50 67 61
M 53 70 63
L 56 73 65
XL 59 76 67
2XL 62 79 69
3XL 65 81 71
4XL 68 83 73
5XL 71 85 75