September 18, 2017

Book Lover?

Loves Reading?

Fan-Fiction or Romantic one?

Harry Potter or Twilight?

These are some of the questions that if anyone anytime asks you, then you as a book lover might’ve gotten excited as a kid gets for its toys, to share your views on.

Let's guess! what possibly you've done to dazzle out your book-love?

You may have shared your interests regarding— “book genres, favourites characters, best dialogues, awestruck suspense etc.” with your friends or cousins. 

But certainly, there left a hole always for expressing it to everyone, every single one, about your favourite dialogues or whatever character you're impersonated with.

We always wanted ourselves to flaunt our book-loving swag to our friends, family and on-lookers as well.

The only medium we've had all day stuck with us to display proudly our bookish passion was What?


A T-shirt!

And what crossed our head first when we looked at our collection to see if our so-called book-lover persona is reconcilable with our Wardrobe collection or not!

Little-old to carry, Bored- dull, sick and tired, World-weary!

At least some of these similar thoughts may have come out while you were looking for your closest Literary-swag portrayal T-shirt in your wardrobe.


Please, don't stagger anymore here & there looking for T-shirts which after 2-3 months gets look dankish, loose with the cracks in the printed artwork.

Now, Who doesn't love to get the credible & quality product at an effective price with a longer lifetime assuring commitment? 

If this is so with you too, 

Then, why don't you just check out this wonderful compendium of T-shirts from Monk Central?

Let's Find your book-lust a greater way to express—


This T-shirt is goanna mesmerise your readers & friends by its rhyming lines. The Printed Artwork is just as real as the character talks to the reader in the book. The lines are so-well printed that anyone’s eyes can pay attention to.

Like- “I’ll read on a boat, I’ll read with a Goat;

           I’ll read on a train, I’ll read in a rain.”

This will give your readers or friends a feel of your poetic side. If you’re a fond of poetry then you must hook it before it gets booked.



If you’re walking along the trenches of emotional romantic prose fiction. Like- Titanic, Twilight or Fault In our stars.

Then, this Quote will be the Expression for your Choice. Like it can fix everything. Maybe it will gently pat your emotions & your readers, with its acutely printed artwork.




Library Lover? Is your second home Library? Or maybe the First!

If you want your paradise “Library” to articulate through your T-shirt.

Or If Short Story is your drug you crave for. Then, quotes printed from famous— George Louis Borges (Argentine Short Story Writer) will be sure-fire & the coolest way to express your strong feelings for your library-love.

The available T-shirt is the swankiest in the compendium. Pull it off, before it gets hitched on. Show how much your library hang-over is still inside you to your friends & fellas.



Ever Happened?

When you come out for the first time after watching a movie or reading a book. You count yourself as one of the Hero Characters or You see yourself in their fictionary world.

Influenced by this living life incident this T-shirt has being introduced to complement your after reading life accurately—

Now, represent your Personality in a cooler, quirkier & a curious way. The Printed Artwork Explains it all. The love for your books, playing characters or the fictional world, you usually influenced from. The black fabric makes the words come out more acutely shone & glistening to the eyes of lookers.

The Quote printed over it is— not just funny & connecting to the eyes but also very expressive for your persona closeness to the book world.




Kindle Fan?


Express yourself in a clever way to the people & your friends. Especially to your love-stalker as well.  It says Single! You know that he/she will get your message.

For a Kindle Fan, this piece is the best than anything besides his Kindle Tab. Expose Your Kindle Love in a public in a certain peculiar manner.


To end with...

Being a book lover, you’ve always got a soft-corner for your personal reading interests, for your characters whom you impersonated since you read them.

You always roved around to find a way to articulate not just by telling but by showing your book love to your friends, family or anyone.

So, what is better than to get one of these literary Printed T-shirt Art from here! You can get 2-3 and much more as it doesn’t cost too much. And it’s the best deal present at this time online. 

So, Why wait? Fetch as much as you can before they get disapprated like things do in Harry-Potter.