September 14, 2017

“Look, look, the clock is ticking. Can you guess what time of the year it is? 

It is Halloween!

And what better than to get some DIY ideas about Halloween decoration picking!”

Yes, that’s the rhythm you got to pursue while you’re decorating your home to spook up your guests, family & friends. Being Halloween around the corner, you might be in a hurry to give your home a spookish feel while you welcome your guests.

You might’ve stumbled here and there on the internet for the ideas regarding Halloween décor.

What did you get?

A set of dull and boring ideas that are way too dead and uninspiring. So much so that you can’t even scare your Granny with that.


And all this while, you’ve lost your precious time and all you’ve ended up with “it’s out of my reach or not my thing” liners.

Don’t you worry!

We are here to save your time with effortless & cost-effective Halloween decoration ideas.

Trick-out your friends & guests with our #5 awesome ghoulish decoration treat—


Now, you can trick your guests & influence your surrounding in a more ghoulish manner with this prop. This can be the most applauded prop by your guests & friends along with their flinching face.

The prop isn’t just a tedious or typical steady wall-hanging one but, includes many more features that will certainly give a surprise attack to your trick-or-treaters.

Let’s have a look what it carries besides its skeleton body draped in the cloak.

  • Flashing red light eyes- It’ll give an awestruck feel to your treaters, friends & guests. The eyes are carved so perfectly that it gives a realistic touch to the whole prop. Its glare will come-out more fearing in the night time.
  • Miserable Screams- It’ll add a further original effect to the prop with its miserable & shivery sound effects.
  • Hands modelling– It’ll render somewhat a creepy impression to any of your invitee with its crawly hand motions.
  • Moving Wings- It’s an icing on the cake for the whole art, it further adds flying ghost movements with its wings flapping.
  • Create horror scene- Of course, by the end together everything it’ll create a horror sense with its miserable & terror rending presence in your home.


Furthermore, this particular prop comes in three different colours- black, white & brown. It goes with 2 batteries for its red gleaming eyes & wings movements features.

You can hang it on anywhere as it’s not too heavy nor occupies much of a space. Better idea! Have more than one to hang them to at least 3-4 places at your home.

It can be used according to one's’ occasion needs, either for Easter or Halloween. Moreover, it can be counted as the best-gifted game for kids in this Halloween. And no need to say, it's certainly for every age group.




You know, nowadays it’s about to be in vogue while going along with the occasion. Then you have certainly hit the right spot. Our “ LED HALLOWEEN SKULL BULB” which is more of a cool, lighting element that’ll add another feather to your Halloweeny pirate-hat.

If you really want to charm your friends, family & guests this Halloween. And you definitely know that they’re tired of looking at your typical LED bulb decorations. Then, you truly need this.

You might be thinking which LED coloured Bulb should you take. What if we say, that with only one Skull Bulb you’ll get 7 different colours illuminating to add a zing to your home’s décor.

The plus point of having this Skull Bulb is that you can use it a whole year. No restrictions like skulls, bats or several other Halloween props. It’s one of the new cool. It can be used in parties & can be placed in one corner of your room.

It’s the best present for those Ghost Rider die-hard followers or your Halloween night guests as well.

It has a touch button to Switch It ON, For Charging it has a USB port & for Colour changes it can be automatic or by your manual touch too with the power button.



It’s Romantic! It’s Thrilling! Yes, it’s an LED Bottle molded in an annular shape. It is comprised of 16 colours of Rose flowers within a bottle lamp packed with a cork over it.

If, you’re looking for something peculiar in decoration this Halloween, besides all the spooky pieces of stuff. Then, you might love this.

It’s safe to use as it doesn’t heat up too much. It maintains a pleasant & dulcet warm feel in its surroundings. The light is incredibly radiant not just in the bottle but to a certain radius.

It’s the best when you have it in packs instead of having just a piece. A single piece will also be a great option to place in any corner, to gift your colleagues, to your partner or kids as well.



These LED Skull lights could be a better way to glorify your room sculptures, Christmas trees or may be kept just on a table. You can place it on the rim of your doors with its each different coloured twinkling skulls from one end to the other.

You can light it ON by battery or plug in as well. They come as 20 pieces of skulls in a set. The length is enough to cover your window or door from end to the other. This doesn’t weigh too much but requires 3 batteries to get operated, if not by the plugin.



You may have had various hangings at your home for decoration but, Halloween is Incomplete without a Pumpkin Lamp. It's the core & soul of Halloween, which will definitely hike-up the Jack-o-lanterns realistic touch in your Halloweeny decor. 

You can stick into the wall or place somewhere in the vase to add more blazing horror to your atmosphere.


One piece of advice…

You can look out for many other tips & homemade ideas regarding Halloween decoration. But all they’ll give is some commonly used tricks. If you really want to stand out this Halloween with your decoration & if you don't want your friends and granny to laugh at your hard-work then you should get one of these items in your Halloween cart.

To save you from all the hassle of cracking your brain for rustle about décor items gathering. We’ve forgathered the best & trendy products just to make sure you look “Proud as a Peacock” when you host your companions this Halloween meanwhile capturing horror from their expressions.

At the Monk Central, we assure you with the supreme quality of the product we put on for sale. Every electrical item is tested under worst-case scenarios as well, just to be credible to our customers.

Nothing here follows- “A wolf in a sheep’s skin” business like today’s every other e-store. The product shown here isn't Misleading in appearance or especially misleadingly attractive. 

We believe in consistency and commitment for the greater good of our relationship with happy but scared consumers.


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