October 28, 2017

Your mother was right – putting on warm clothes is a must every winter!

Depending on how cold it gets, you need to bring out the suitable amount of your winter wear right from gloves; scarfs to your Sweaters.

Winter in anytime will be knocking your doors. And so will be the Christmas. So, what’s better than utilizing this time to have a stack full of sweaters.

Well, not just single coloured plain sweaters but a sweater with a cool minimalist Quoted imprint. Even better you can hitch these sweaters as a Christmas gift for your loved ones . 

Sounds Interesting, Right?

What if we say that for this Christmas, we have prepared exclusive collection of the Sweaters especially for making you relish this winter with little swankier warm clothing.

Quality Sweaters from Monk Central will not only shield your skin from the moisture-sapping dry winter air but would also gave you a warm Vogue to carry along with the rest of your apparels.

So, without any more of beating around the bush let’s get straight to our 9 sweaters, in the end you’ll get a link from where you’ll be directed to page that contains full of our latest winter collection.

1. Chef Santa

Well, for all those foodies if you’re not then start being nice to your chef because this Christmas, Santa is Watching. That’s what this sweater points to. You can gift it to your Mom or your any friend, family member who loves to cook or who can’t wait a second for the food to come onto his plate.


2. Fit & Fat

The best sweater for those who’re striving or planning to strive this winter to get themselves healthier. It’s the best choice to gift your Gym trainer or to whom you admire as a health & fitness Icon.


3. Importance of Guitar

If, you want to indicate your friends or family the admiration you’ve towards your passion for the guitar. Then, it’s for you. Or you can also gift it to your friend who plays guitar or a band player. As it clearly says— “Playing Guitar is not a matter of Life & Death. It’s much more important than that.”


4.  Beer for Bottles



If you’re like those who wants to have beer and hot dogs instead of champagne and caviar. Then without thinking anymore hook it up now. You can gift it to your whole group of friends who likes beer & partying during Christmas.

As their is a saying too— “Whoever drinks beer, he is quick to sleep; whoever sleeps long, does not sin; whoever does not sin, enters Heaven! Thus, let us drink beer!”



How can we imagine Christmas without Harry Potter? No, Certainly we can’t. Add a touch of Some Magical Imprint to your sweater selection by grabbing this particular one. It’s an amazing choice to gift your family & friends this Christmas too. Because, let’s accept it your younger ones and even you love Harry.


6. Winter is Coming.


Like Of course, it’s not a thing to say “Game of Thrones” fans & followers research for the Famous Liner— “Winter is Coming” imprinted Sweater ends here. A great gift choice for a Game of thrones lover.


7.  Precious Ring Christmas


If you are planning to hint your ‘going to be fiancé’ then it’s the perfect choice. The sweater gives a comforting feel with its fabric alongside giving an indication to your better half with its imprint.


8.  Merry Xmas


Express this Christmas to your family & friends in a little mathematical way. It’s the better choice for those who loves to carry forward their nerdy, geeky swag all time through their clothing.


9.  Dabbing Santa

How can we forget Santa for this occasion? No, of course we can’t. And that’s why we have especially crafted an artwork of Dabbing Santa to crescendo your Christmasy feel better.



Well, after all this cool looking but warming sweaters if you’re feeling like. What if, we would have more choices? 

Then, wait. As we promised in the end we’ll share a link that’ll direct you to get the latest collection of more amazing, warm & comfy sweaters.

Click the following Button to check out the amazing collection exclusively devised for you this Christmas from us-


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