October 23, 2017

As we know the Winter is coming so is the Christmas.

It’s been years…

Let’s face it.

We all have done it. 

In last minute the budget blows out & leaves you stressed so much that you do not even get a second to enjoy the Christmas eve as thought.

In the rush of a hectic round of parties, Christmas decoration, family get-togethers and gifts-giving you ultimately cornered out the plan you did before 2-3 weeks for Christmas shopping.

Hey, breathe.

Now, you don’t bustle anymore as for this and upcoming year’s Christmas because we’ve summarized you the whole budget-planning thing into 7 steps—


Know your Guests—

Yes, we know you know your guests. But, seriously Know them not the names but the number.

Here we are referring to who you’re planning gifts for.  It can be from your family to co-workers, the postal worker, the dog walker, hairdresser, plumber, poker buddies, kid's teacher & many others.

Ultimately, in the end, you want to see the smiling faces of your gift havers.

So, decide for how many of them you can afford or how can you divide the ‘X’ amount for all of their gifts equally.

And as you understand this elementary step of budget planning you can plan for greater things further.


Savings will be the saving grace—

Now if you know your guests. You also better understand the gifts aren’t gonna fly into your hands from Santa directly. So, if you want all of your colleagues to have it simultaneously then now it’s the time for you to knock your piggy bank doors.

Yes, your savings will encounter the spending on Christmas perfectly. And if, you haven’t started it yet. Then do it. Your Savings will gonna be one of the crucial element while you spend the chunks of bucks during Christmas.

So, it’s never too late to start. Start Gathering your money to save yourself from the financial crisis and moreover to have a nice chilled-out Christmas this year.



Create a budget

Now as you know the number of gifts you’ll be giving this Christmas, you already have some savings or started it.

Then, what now?

You’re eligible enough to sit on the chair and plan out your shopping budget. You now know how you can position your Christmas shopping around the number & the saving amount.

If you need to cut down something on Christmas lunch, Do it.

If there is some margin of line to cut down to spend on decorations. You should go for it. Because ultimately all we need is a balanced & managed Christmas without being cash-out.



Be Aware of the market prices

If you know the market well you will come out with shopping bags along with some bucks as well. That’s true. First, start with the window shopping. Start it out early. If you know the prices, you’ll know how & where to spend and from where can you save the money for next phases of the party.

Whether it's offline or online. Take an ample of time for the shopping. Because if you’ve decided to buy online, you gotta be sure that there’s enough time left for the delivery before Christmas.



No Overbudgeting

If you know everything in first place and then doing overbudgeting isn’t a smart move. We need to be realistic. The most easier way to not go above the spending limit is to be certain about it. Like you stick to $15-$30 for each and every one in your circle.

To get over with it.  Just follow these ‘ 2 tactics’

  1. DIY Presentsà Believe it or not. These DIY Presents makes your colleagues feel special than ever. A painting, some cooked dish or photo album will work out.
  2. Secret Santaà Now uses this idea in the smarter way this year. Attach a spending limit. Have a super cheap spending limit as a challenge!



Play smartly when it comes to organizing a party

Choose your location of Christmas party. It doesn’t mean that always you’ve to do it in a lavish restaurants or hotels. It can be at beaches or at your house garden. Avoid excessive drinking means you can save hundreds of dollars just from one party.

If it’s with your family and friends divide the roles. Like some should bring the alcohols while others bring cups, dishes etc.



Be Realistic!

Understand the scenarios. Don’t take the things where you’ll get an emotional breakdown after the Christmas Eve. Start early, know your guests, manage the savings, budget creation, beware of the market prices, no overbudget & ultimately sharing is the biggest caring for your financial expenditures.


So, understand the above points carefully. Read them, apply them. And we’re sure that You’ll be as happier & wealthier as you’re after the Christmas Eve as well.




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