October 25, 2017

Self-praise is no recommendation. Right!

Then why smart shoppers love Monk Central?

Well, for one reason why they're being considered smart is that they keep an eye open for our best offers and deals.

They make it count while having an amazing outcome as they get the product in their hands.

And for the other reason, Monk Central makes them happy at the end of the day with its services from fast delivery to excellent customer support.

To blow own’s trumpet isn’t in the system of Monk Central and that’s why with this article we are giving you a glimpse of why our customers love us.


1. Great T-shirt Quality


Quality defines the face of the store and that’s what our t-shirts have.

The great quality of the t-shirts from which the colour never fades off and imprint stays longer without causing cracks on washing.

The fabric of the t-shirt stays tightened up for a long time meanwhile, the texture comforts the body when our happy customers put it on.


2. Excellent Customer Service and Response Time


Whenever we reach any online store for something we want, we always have an intimidating thought of getting a defected piece or some payment gateway issues in mind.

These are some of the many problems you get to encounter whilst your shopping process.

That is why we have made the entire shopping process of Monk Central extremely simple, easy and user friendly.

Even if somebody encounters with some problems while shopping or after it, our team is always been available for everyone.

The response time customers get from us is very quick and e-behaviour of our team has always made our customers tension free and relaxed from all the hustles they encounter.


3. Fast Delivery & Order Notifications

When we make a purchase, we want the product to reach our hand as soon as possible.

And when it does, our eyes get in love with the product we were yearning for.

Keeping that thought in mind, we at Monk Central have always been accurate with the estimated delivery date as well as other delivery details like shipping, fulfilment or any other notifications.


4. Pocket-Friendly Prices


Nobody wants to buy their favourite t-shirt or jeans that burns a hole in their pocket.

And that is why, we love to shop online; great savings with no hassles.

At Monk Central, we want our customers to have the products that is value for money.

So, before sticking a price tag to our product, we make sure that it’s pocket friendly and that our customers get them anytime they want when like one.

Not like other stores where you as a customer have to wait to fill up your piggy bank or wait for its prices to drop.


5. Great After Sales Care and Support


In our daily life we encounter this problem from many of the E-tailers that- 'once it’s sold its none of their business'.

But, the kind of care & support we’ve provided to our customers have made us win their hearts and them getting in budget t-shirts or other products.

So, even if they get something wrong after buying something, they are very aware that we are here for them with our 'After Sales Care & Support'.


6. Sharing Regular Updates

Whether it’s an upcoming sale or any discount updates, we at Monk Central have always have been loyal in terms of giving our customers every possible great offer from which they can have the best deals.

Our customers don’t worry about looking every once-in-a-while on the store for the upcoming sale, offers or any best deals.

It’s the Monk Central Team's job that gets these updates to them through emails.

We aren’t the ones who make our customers compelled to spam our updates. "We update them not Compel them".

Updates come after every regular interval and it’s limited to those who've subscribed to us.

And if you're interested in getting our updates and seeing the kind of content we share, just follow this link— MonkCentral.com


7.  Beautiful Designs with Funny Quotes


We spend most of our time on designing imprints and quotes that will not just 'impress but express' more to our audience.

To keep up with the best running and upcoming trends has always been our #1 priority.

Whether its Halloween, Christmas, famous movie dialogues or or satirical quotes we grasp all this at one place for our beloved customers.

And you'll find it nowhere else but at MonkCentral.

Well, we're done here. Don't just sit around and wait.

Go and get something for yourself. :-)